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Introduction to Ship Safety - Part One

Course information

Target group:

All relevant personnel


Course Goal: This course aims to identify the conventions and regulations related to ship safety and to describe the safety issues related to the structural integrity and stability of ships.


Learning Objectives:

Conventions and Regulations

- LO1 Explain the importance of uniform regulations
- LO2 Give an overview of the key International Maritime Organisation (IMO) conventions and codes

Structural Integrity

- LO3 Describe the static and dynamic forces acting on a ship
- LO4 Describe the ship stresses in the ship structure
- LO5 Describe hogging and sagging due to bending moments
- LO6 Explain the importance of maintaining structural integrity when loading
- LO7 Explain how maintenance is an important part in maintaining structural integrity

Ship Stability

- LO8 Describe what is meant by ship stability
- LO09 Describe the terms metacentric height, buoyancy and centre of gravity
- LO10 Explain the importance of being aware of the free surface effect
- LO11 Identify hazards that can threaten ship stability

Vessel Architecture

- LO12 Identify the main different types of vessels
- LO13 Explain the importance of hull and main systems integrity


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